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Naughty Kitten Behaviour

You’ll be hard pushed to find somebody who doesn’t like kittens, or at the very least finds them somewhat adorable. Whether it’s the way they try to practice pouncing (faces all focused while their little butts do a dance) or just their tiny, fluffy faces there is no doubt that Kittens are one of the cutest animals on earth.

It’s no wonder that the internet is overrun with ‘cute cat videos’ but any cat owner will know that our feline friends have an annoying side…. A super annoying side; and below are some of the reasons why. 

Jumping onto Counters and other places they shouldn’t go

Starting off simple, kittens love to explore and, while this can be cute and perfect for photo opportunities if what they are exploring is a suitcase or tiny cardboard box, when this leads to jumping on kitchen counters it can get frustrating.

All of a sudden that lasagne you lovingly baked for tea somehow has cat hair in it? At least you actually get to eat that though, the leftover chicken that you left on the side has already been devoured by your fluffy companion.

Although this loss of food can be annoying for us, it can be dangerous for your kitten. Make sure anything harmful to your cat is out of reach if you find he or she likes to jump on your counters and nibble on things that don’t belong to them.

 Using you as their own personal Space Heater

Have you ever woken up to find yourself buried under a mound of fur? Kittens love to lie on your face while you sleep, and although you might think it’s because they love you, it’s more than likely just because you are warm; yes, you are their radiator. Even if you don’t mind your cat sleeping on your face, it’s vital you never leave a cat alone with a baby as this can prove to be very dangerous to the child who is unable to push the cat off them.

‘Mad Hour… Or two….Or three…’

So your cat is off your face and you’ve just settled down to rest when, all of a sudden, they are very awake. By  this I don’t mean they are just wandering around the house, no, they are running around on the laminate flooring and pouncing off the couch.

When kittens and cats do this they are often just following their instincts as they are naturally more active at night; when their prey are also about. The best way to calm down this kind of behaviour is to try and keep your kitten as entertained as possible during the day so they are tired at night – and if all else fails invest in some earplugs! (And like before keep anything that could harm your cat out of reach).

Bringing you ‘Presents’

Definitely one of the most annoying points of owning a cat is the ‘presents’ of dead animals they like to bring to you. Unfortunately there is little you can do to avoid this, as it’s not about the cat being underfed and is more about your cat wanting to look after you. In fact, cats often think that we aren’t clever enough to hunt for ourselves and therefore, by bringing you that dead mouse, they are just trying to look after you…. I guess that’s kind of sweet?

These are just some of the annoying things kittens can do - we didn’t even go into scratching and late night meowing – but really, isn’t that a small price to pay for how cute they are?


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