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Nature's Menu Dog Food - Would You Eat It?

Now you may be finding it hard to imagine a scenario in which you would be forced to eat dog food! Nuclear war does not appear to be an imminent prospect. It is also unlikely that you will find yourself trapped for long enough to be forced to turn to the canine treats for sustenance. Even if you were trapped somewhere why would you have dog food with you?

Eat Dog Food to Raise Money

Actually some people are turning to dog food but not because they are trapped or testing out a new miracle diet. The Blue Cross pet charity has invited animal lovers to tuck in to dog food in order to raise valuable funds for the charity’s work.

Does it Taste Like Chicken?

Those with the stomach for it can raise money by gaining sponsorship before filming themselves feasting on their chosen doggy menu. One of the participants in this somewhat strange initiative, Hayley Lloyd, reported that the food tasted like chicken. Doesn’t everything?

Hayley has so far managed to raise almost £100 by eating the dog food but has
had a little help from her Pomeranian Pippin. Isn’t that cheating?

For the Less Adventurous

The majority of the Blue Cross charity’s fund raising projects involve overseas travel or adventure sports and so are clearly not suitable for everyone. Eating dog food is something that anyone can do but how would you know which food to choose?

Nature's Menu Dog Food?

Perhaps you would opt for your own pooch’s favourite variety. If they appreciate Natures Menu dog food, for instance, then it could be a safe bet. Nature's Menu dog food at least sounds quite appealing! It is available in several flavours and does not contain artificial colours and preservatives and so it should be fit for human consumption. With a 55% meat content it is not a good choice if you are a vegetarian!

Kibble and a Cuppa?

On the other hand perhaps tucking into some kibble is a more appealing prospect. What about a bit of Royal Canin of James Wellbeloved? Do you think that it would be enhanced by being dunked in a cup of tea? Well it is an interesting alternative to a fig roll. The mind boggles!

If you do decide to eat dog food, whatever the reason, then test the water by nibbling on a small amount first in case you have an adverse reaction to it. You wouldn’t want to make yourself ill. We wouldn’t recommend that you make a habit of eating dog food as it is not formulated for the human digestive system but one tin probably won’t hurt if it is for a good cause. Throwing up wouldn’t enhance your YouTube video much either but then again!

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