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Natural Ways To Make Your Dog Smell Good

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The last thing you want to do is use products filled with chemicals to keep your dog clean. You can obviously use a gentle on a regular basis to keep your dog’s coat smelling great, but you shouldn’t wash your dog too often. Washing your dog with shampoo too often can cause them to lose some of the natural oils in their coat. So when your dog starts to smell in between baths, you need other methods to try and keep them smelling pleasant. Dogs can get extremely dirty and often like to roll in stinky things. If you want them to smell as fresh as possible then try doing some of the following things.

Brush your dog regularly

Brushing your dog’s coat regularly not only keeps it matt and tangle free but it brushes out mud and debris. If your dog’s coat isn’t full of dirt, dust and mud then they should smell a lot better. your dog regularly can help keep them clean and healthy.

Wash them with natural shampoo

You could always opt for a dog shampoo that uses natural ingredients if you want to use something that’s kind to your dog’s skin and view our complete range of dog shampoos.

Keep their teeth clean

Some dogs can start to smell bad because of their teeth. Try and brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis and give them dog chews, bones and toys that will help to naturally clean their teeth. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean should eliminate any very strong odours coming from their breath (unless they have a medical condition that causes bad breath).

Clean their ears

Believe it or not, some dogs can develop very smelly ears, especially if they are not cleaned for a long time. Clean your dog’s ears regularly with an ear cleaning solution or simply use cotton wool. Some ear cleaning solutions can make your dog’s ears smell nice and fresh.

Wash your dog’s bedding

Wash your dog’s bedding on a regularly basis to prevent it from making your dog smell even worse. A dirty bed can start to have an impact on how your dog smells. Make sure they have a clean bed to curl up in at the end of the day.

Baking soda

Baking soda is known for getting rid of strong odours. Do not use baking soda if your dog has and get the OK from your vet first if you want to try using it.

Rinse after walks

Try and rinse your dog off with water after muddy dog walks. This should prevent them from going inside the house dirty and it shouldn’t cause any skin problems as you aren’t using any products.


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