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National Puppy Day And The Real Message Behind It

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National Puppy Day has been celebrated on March 23rd for the past 8 years and is a day to celebrate all the magic that puppies bring to our lives.

This annual holiday was created by , a pet lifestyle expert, author and animal behaviourist. She also created National Dog Day and National Cat Day whilst running the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network.

Although the love we have for puppies could certainly give reason for an annual holiday alone, the main reason of the day is to help save orphaned puppies and to educate people about the horror of puppy farms and mills across the world. It is important to encourage people to rescue puppies from shelters and to try and rid the world of puppy pet shops.

Those who run puppy farms have no interest in the welfare of their animals and are only concerned about the financial gain they will get from sales. The puppies are kept in poor conditions and when the mothers are no longer of use, they are often abandoned.

Here in the UK, The Kennel Club has launched a campaign to stop puppy farming – they provide some very valuable advice and guidance on what you can do if you suspect a puppy farmer. There is more information on .

The RSPCA have also created the following video as part of their “Get Puppy Smart” campaign with some very useful tips on where you could safely get a puppy:

Puppies are a lot of hard work but they can also bring you a lot of love and be the perfect addition to your family. Make sure you consider whether you have enough time to spend with a puppy, especially a rescue dog that may need extra love and attention.


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