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Most Popular Dog Breeds In Different Parts Of The UK

Find Out The Most Popular Breed Of Dog In your Area

Now, thanks to The Kennel Club, you can find out the most popular breed of dog in your area. Have you ever wondered what sort of dogs are most common where you live?

It’s interesting to see how people favour different breeds in different parts of the country. We can make some guesses to why certain breeds are more popular in some areas, but it is hard to tell what exactly influences regional breed choices.

Some of the most popular dogs across the whole of the UK include Labradors, Staffies and Jack Russels. In the Newcastle area, Labradors still rule, but Cocker Spaniels are the second most popular dog.

In South East London, Staffies rule, and labs come in at second place. Interestingly, Bull terriers are the third most popular breed in South East London. Brightonians favour Labradors, and Cocker Spaniels, then German Shepherds. In Manchester, Pugs are the third most popular breed of dog.

You can view the most popular dogs in your area by clicking on this by The Kennel Club. Across the country in general, the popularity of dog breeds is influenced by a number of factors including the media, news stories, the winners of dog shows and of course, celebrities. Have a look on the map to see how people's’ preferences vary across the country, the results might surprise you!

This interactive map not only shows the most popular dog breeds, but also those that are vulnerable and those that are trending. This means you can see which dogs are currently gaining in popularity, and sadly the breeds that are becoming extremely rare.

This graphic has been produced in partnership with. If you are unsure of what breed of dog you want to get, Discover Dogs is an excellent show to visit. Here you can meet all of the dog breeds and ask their knowledgeable owners questions.

Don’t just get a dog breed because it’s popular, or because you like the look of a particular type of dog. It’s more important to select a dog based on their personality traits, temperament and characteristics. You need to ensure you choose a dog breed that will fit in with your lifestyle. Read our complete guide to dog breeds for more information about how to choose the right breed for you.


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