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Most Outrageous Dog Products

People will do anything for their pets these days, and it seems there is no shortage of outrageous products for dogs. Owner’s who adore their dogs often shower them with gifts, luxuries and high end home comforts. Some products aren’t simply about pampering dogs, they are a fashion and status symbol. Dogs who have extremely wealthy or celebrity owners can end up with a huge collection of outrageous products. They get to live a life of luxury and get given some rather crazy gifts. Here are some of the most outrageous and expensive dog products on the market at the moment.

$65 Dog Perfume

Want your dog to smell fantastic? We all know dogs can be very smelly at times, but do they really need a $65 perfume? There are a few high end perfumes on the market for dogs who want to smell fresh and clean. Many of these perfumes are made specially so that dogs will love the smell of them too, such as Sexy Beast perfume for dogs.

Luxury Dog Hotels

You have probably heard about these new and improved luxury dog hotels. More and more 5 star hotels are appearing around the world, where dogs can enjoy the ultimate hotel experience. In these hotels your dogs get to go to the spa, have designer dog bowls and room service. Your dogs will get to live a luxurious lifestyle while you are away.

Diamond Dog Collars

Some people feel that their dogs need to be showered with diamonds. This means getting them an exquisite diamond Dog Collar with real diamonds. Dogs certainly won’t be bothered by the expensive diamonds, this dog product is much more for show.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

We are not talking about normal Dog Beds, that are a perfectly comfortable option for your dog. Some owners have taken dog ‘beds’ literally, and buy their dogs a full size human bed. You can even get memory foam beds if you really want to spoil your dog.

High Chairs For Dogs

Yes, you really can get high chairs for dogs. Dogs don’t exactly have perfect table manners, they tend to slobber and spill food everywhere. Not many people would want their dog to join them at the dinner table, but these high chairs give you the option. Your dog can sit in the chair with their dinner and join in with the rest of the family.

$1,000 Dog Treats

Do you think your dog deserves $1000 Dog Treats? A company has produced organic dog treats that have gone on sale for a whopping $1000. This will get your dog the very best quality dog treats from Organic Pet

Pimped Out Dog Houses

You can get custom designed, pimped out dog houses with all the trimmings. They come complete with beds, accessories and furniture. Some people even get entire houses built for their dogs, taking the idea of dog houses to a whole new level.


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