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Most Economical Dogs To Own

Thinking of getting a dog but don’t want one that’s going to cost the earth? You can’t avoid the fact that dogs are generally not cheap to own. However, their cost does vary a lot depending on their age, breed and size. If you want a dog that will be on the cheaper end of the scale then here are some things to consider.



Crossbreeds are generally less expensive to own for a variety of reasons. They are cheaper to insure because they have less hereditary health issues than purebred dogs. The fact that they have less health issues means that you may not have to pay out as much for veterinary treatment. Crossbreeds are also cheaper to buy in the first place, they cost far less than sought after pedigree breeds.


Smaller dogs eat less

Smaller dogs eat a lot less so if you have a smaller dog you won’t have to pay out as much for food. Larger dogs can eat a huge amount of food and generally cost a lot more to feed.


Dogs that don’t need much grooming

Some people just don’t realise how much grooming can cost. If you have never had a dog that requires a lot of grooming then it can be difficult to understand. Some dogs need grooming at least once a month to keep their coat in good condition.


If they are not groomed properly their coat gets matted and causes them discomfort. These costs can really add up. Breeds such as West Highland Terriers, Shih Tzu’s and Tibetan Terriers require regular grooming and haircuts.


Larger dogs cost more

Some larger dogs can cost more. If you are going to get your dog groomed or put them in kennels you will often get charged more for having a larger dog. They also require larger supplies such as travel crates and dog beds. A Labrador for example will probably cost more than a Beagle to put in kennels or daycare.



Perhaps the most expensive part of owning a dog is paying for vet bills and insurance, although this obviously depends on how healthy your dog is. Some of the most expensive dogs to insure include English Bulldogs, Great Danes and Rottweilers. Cheaper dogs include Yorkshire Terriers, Whippets and Greyhounds.



Some dogs cost more simply because they live longer. If you are going to get a dog consider how long they will live for and whether you can afford the ongoing costs. Some dogs live for up to 20 years!



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