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More Feline Deaths Linked to Croydon Cat Killer

We have previously highlighted the disturbing activities of the individual who has been labelled the Croydon Cat Killer. The killings and mutilations began in the Croydon area but there have been incidents across the South East. There had already been more than 400 crimes attributed to the killer but you can now add 5 further deaths to the list.

Cat Deaths in Northamptonshire

The latest crimes have taken place in the Northampton area. Rusty, a one-year-old cat, was deliberately mutilated and left on the doorstep of its owner's home. Topsy was also left outside his owner’s home whilst another cat whose name has not been released was left on a car roof. Two more dismembered cats were found in Duston. All five cats had been decapitated.

Police Investigating

The Metropolitan police began investigating the attacks in 2015. Northamptonshire Police are investigating the recent attacks on their turf and are working with the Met and the RSPCA in attempt to catch the killer. Rabbits and foxes have also become victims of the killer. The Met’s investigation is known as Operation Takahe. The police now believe that the killer must travel for their work as their crimes have been committed in so many different areas.

The detective leading the investigation, DS Andy Collin, has previously said he believes the killer comes from or has strong links to Addiscombe. This is where the attacks seem to have begun and there have been attacks on Sunday nights in this area which suggests that this could be where the killer lives.

Pet owners across the country are doubtless worried about the safety of their pets and will be hoping that the Croydon Cat Killer does not visit their area. If you own a cat, how do you keep your pet safe?

The police have issued the following advice:

  1. Keep cats and rabbits indoors at night whenever possible.
  1. Keep pets indoors if you plan to be away from the hours for long periods.
  1. Install a cat flap if you don’t already have one. This can be locked when you want to keep your cat inside and will enable them to return to safety quickly if scared when outside.
  1. Check on pets regularly when they are spending time outside and ask neighbours to keep an eye on them.
  1. Have your pets microchipped so they can always be identified.
  1. Maintain a strict feeding schedule so your cat learns to return home at the same time every day.
  1. Be vigilante! Watch out for suspicious behaviour in your street. For example, look out for strangers approaching animals, investigating gardens or looking under cars.
  1. Report any suspicions to the police.
  1. Do not put yourself in danger by approaching suspicious individuals.

The Police are concerned that the perpetrator may eventually start to attack people.

"Anyone who deliberately harms an animal without reason is likely to be a psychopath or suffering a severe personality disorder. Serial killers like Ian Brady, Ted Bundy and the Boston Strangler all started off on their path to murder by gratuitously killing animals."


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