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Moments When You Feel Extremely Lucky To Own A Dog

Most dog owners are extremely appreciative of their canine companions. We all love our dogs, but there are some moments in particular that make you feel particularly lucky to own a dog. Dogs constantly surprise us, make us smile and help us through hard times. There are some amazing stories of how dogs have helped their owners. They really are wonderful animals that thoroughly deserve their title as man’s best friend. Here are some key moments when you feel extremely lucky to be have a dog in your life.

When you have had a bad day and they give you cuddles

When you have the worst day and you feel like the world is going to end, but then your dog comes up to you and gives you a waggy tail and some love. You instantly feel better.

When you are bored and need some entertainment

You're sitting at home bored out of your mind and suddenly your dog does something entertaining. Or they come up to you to play and before you know it an hour of fun has passed. There’s never a dull moment with a dog around.

When your partner goes away/you feel a bit lonely

When your partner goes away and you are left on your own in the house, you feel grateful because at least you have your pooch with you. Although nobody is home you don’t feel alone because you have them to keep you company.

When you need to do some exercise

Why is it so bloomin hard to get outside and go on a run or do some sort of exercise? Well, often we force ourselves to go for a run, walk or spend some time outdoors because we have a dog. They need walking every day so it forces us to exercise, and for this we are grateful.

When they show extreme loyalty/keep you from danger

We have all heard the stories about dogs rescuing, protecting and alerting their owners. Dogs are capable of some truly inspirational things. When your dog does something that shows extreme loyalty you feel so proud that you have them by your side.

When you are home alone/want some protection

If you are at home alone for some reason you always feel safe if you have your dog with you. They will protect you and let you know if there are any intruders.

When you just don’t want to be around people

You know those days when you just don’t want to be around human beings. You don’t have to answer to dogs and they don’t judge you, they accept you for who you are.

When they make you feel loved

Oh it’s the absolute best feeling in the world when a dog shows how much they love you. When you come home every day and they are so excited to see you.


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