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Missing Pets - How To Get Your Pet Found

Losing your beloved dog is every dog owner’s nightmare. It’s heartbreaking when your dog runs off and there’s nothing you can do about it. Dog theft is also a problem at the moment. If your dog goes missing then the first 24 hours are crucial, it’s important to act quickly and do as much as you can to try and find your pet. If your pet does go missing for longer, don’t give up hope. Dogs can be tough when they need to be. If you want to increase the chances of finding your best friend then make sure you do the following things.

Microchipping - get your dog microchipped so they can be returned to you if they are found.


Identification tag - it is a legal requirement for a dog to have a collar and an identity tag with your address and a phone number.


Social media campaign - social media is being used to help locate lots of lost pets. People report sightings and the word can be spread extremely quickly. Before you know it all your friends will be trying to help find your dog. There are groups you can join if you have lost your dog on Facebook and share a picture of your dog.


Posters - it’s a good idea to make lots of posters to put up in your local area. You may need permission from your local council to put them in some places. Put up posters near where you walk your dog, where you lost them and in local vets and grooming salons.


Define a search area - Make a note of exactly where you lost your dog. Then you can try and outline how far you think are they likely to be able to run. This gives you a very specific area to search where your dog will be more likely to be found. Think about the places your pet might be likely to go, such as your local park, somewhere with food or somewhere you visit regularly. It’s definitely worth having someone wait at home unless your dog finds their way home themselves.


Call local vets, rescue shelters and the dog warden

Make lots of calls to local organisations asking if they have had any lost dogs brought in. Let them know your dog is missing and give them a clear description of what they look like.


Call your microchip company to let them know your dog is lost

If your dog is microchipped then let the company know that your dog is lost. They will then contact you quickly if your dog is found and their chip is scanned.


Make sure you take up to date photo’s of your dog

Always take up to date pictures as your dog grows up, their appearance might change slightly as they get older. Then if they get lost you will always have an accurate photo to show people.


When searching take some food or your dog’s favourite toy

When you are out searching for your dog bring their favourite treats or toy to try and get them to come to you.


Keep your phone on you in case someone calls

The last thing you want to do if your dog is missing is not pick up a phone call. It could be someone calling to say they have found your dog. Always keep your phone on you while searching.


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