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The Low Flying Cat Litter Tray

I have been the proud owner of dozens of litter trays over the years. A cat litter tray can come in incredibly handy even when you have a cat flap. I have to admit that I have found several rather unusual uses for my Cat litter trays which is why I always hang on to them. Filled with a little water they are a great place to stand your plants when you go on holiday. They can are also excellent for standing pots of paint in when you are decorating.

I was amused to discover that my cattery had also found a variety of ways to use their spare litter trays. For instance, they were in the habit of carrying cat biscuits around in them. That is until they had to look after my cats!

The Escapologist

It wasn’t long before my moggies were wreaking havoc on the cattery. On one occasion the owner went to feed the cats only to find that Paolo had escaped and was sitting in the next door enclosure. Evidently he was bored of his usual companions and liked the look of the two shorthairs next door. The poor women never did figure out Paolo managed this manoeuvre and began calling him

The Potential Drowning

Then there was the episode with the washing machine! Sometimes the cattery owner would let the cats run around her utility area. She enjoyed the company and the cats liked the change of scenery. This did not seem like such a good idea when it was time to return the cats to their enclosure and she couldn’t find my Jason. She eventually discovered him asleep in the drum of her washing machine. Apparently he looked so peaceful that she didn’t want to disturb him. She took a photo of him and that picture stayed on her notice board for years.

A Litter Tray of Biscuits

The following year I returned the cats to the cattery. The owner was clearly anticipating trouble and had escape-proofed the pen. Sadly this did not put an end to the chaos. One evening she wandered down with a fresh supply of cat biscuits in a litter tray. She entered my cat’s enclosure and placed the litter tray on the shelf. Paolo was so keen to get to the biscuits that he made a leap for the litter tray but he missed.

Paolo grabbed the side of the tray, tipped it up and sprayed thousands of cat biscuits all over the cattery. I am guessing that the neighbouring cats were quite happy when it started raining biscuits! I always giggle when I think of that poor women scrabbling around trying to pick them all up. I think she felt that if she left them lying around she might have a few obese animals on her hands.

The moral of this story is that litter trays are best used on the floor and filled with litter. But that isn’t going to stop me finding a hundred other used for them. Trust me it is worth keeping a few to hand even if you don’t happen to have a cat.


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