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Looking after your pet rabbit

If you are thinking of buying a pet rabbit then take time to think about their food and health care.

Rabbits are a popular pet for children. However they do require good food and warm living accommodation to keep them in good health.

It is a popular belief that rabbits only need carrots, lettuce leaves and a rabbit hutch.

It may be true that rabbits do like lettuce and carrots but their diet has other requirements.

Rabbits are hindgut fermenters and they rely on bacteria in their intestine to break up fibre which is essential to keep them in good health.

Fibre is a very important element of a rabbit’s diet along with a balanced portion of fat and protein.

To build up a rabbits bones there are food pellets available at online pet stores. The pellets help the rabbits to keep their teeth in good order.

A pet owner can mix in pieces of apple or carrots to vary the rabbit’s daily diet but not as a replacement meal.

Pet supplies have a variety of pet foods which contain essential vitamins and further information on the care of rabbits is available on request.

Online pet stores have a variety of rabbit hutches and accessories to keep rabbits and their owners happy.


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