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Looking After Your Guinea Pig

If you are thinking about getting a Guinea Pig then there are certain things you need to know. Guinea Pigs can live up to about 8 years of age, so they are a big commitment. They can make lovely pets with the right care and attention. Here are some things that Guinea Pigs need.


Guinea Pigs need to have company from other Guinea Pigs. They are social animals and don’t like being on their own. If you are going to get one, you will need to get another for company. Same sex Guinea Pigs are the best option, males and females can sometimes get along but one of them has to be desexed.


You will need to get your new Guinea Pigs some form of shelter. They can be kept indoors or outdoors but in most cases they are better outdoors as there is less noise. They need a large cage which will shelter them from the elements. Check out some of our


Guinea Pigs need bedding to keep them warm throughout the winter and make their hutches more comfortable. They also like to burrow underneath their bedding for security and warmth. There are lots of different types of bedding you can get from hay to shredded paper and wood shavings.

Guinea Pig Mix

You will need to get them a to form part of their diet and give them some of the nutrients they need.

Fruit and Veg

Guinea Pigs also need a large amount of fruit and veg to give them a complete diet. They need fruit as part of a healthy diet, it helps to vary their diet and gives them vital vitamins that they need such as vitamin C. Unlike many other animals Guinea Pigs can’t produce their own vitamin C.


Most Guinea Pigs will be friendly towards people if they have been handled properly. They need to be handled from a young age so that they get used to being around humans and being picked up. They need to feel secure when picked up, but not held too tightly. Guinea Pigs have very delicate bones and can get badly injured if they are dropped. Handling them regularly will increase your bond and make them more relaxed. Although some like to be handled a lot more than others.


Guinea Pigs need to exercise every day. If you haven’t got a particularly large cage then they will need more free run time, at least three or four hours a day if possible. They are inquisitive creatures and like to explore, it’s not fair to keep them cooped up in their cage. They also need exercise to keep their weight down, get the mental stimulation they need and to stay healthy.


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