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Looking After Pets In The Summer

During the summer months, pet owners need to be mindful of the heat and how it can have an impact on their pets. Some animals struggle more than others in the heat, and need to be kept as cool and comfortable as possible.

Looking after pets in the Summer months

The warmer weather presents new challenges for pet owners, who struggle to keep their pets cool. No matter what sort of pets you own, here are some things you definitely shouldn’t do in the summer.

Leave them unattended for too long

Always check on your pets regularly to see if they are alright. It’s particularly important to keep an eye on them of very hot days. Don’t leave your pets unattended for long periods, especially if they are outside in the heat.

Forget to top up their water

All pets need access to fresh, clean water. If you forget to top their water up you could be putting their life at risk. Pets can quickly become dehydrated in hot weather. Make sure you check to see if their water needs a top up.

Over exercise them

When it’s really warm, it’s best not to over exercise your pets as they can overheat easily. Some pets might still need their daily exercise, but just make it less intense and try and avoid exercising your pets during the hottest times of the day.

Leave them in direct sunlight

Never leave your pets in direct sunlight with no shelter. They should have access to some shade at all times. Carefully consider where you put rabbit and guinea pig hutches in the summer months.

Leave them in a hot car

Do not leave any pets in a hot car, even for just a few minutes. The temperature inside your car can soar in a short space of time. Pets die in hot cars, don’t take the risk.

Fail to groom your pet

Some pets need to be groomed regularly. In the summer brushing your pets regularly can help keep them cool because it gets rid of some of their dense undercoat.

Not clean their cages out enough

Cages and hutches can get smelly and dirty more quickly in the summer due to the heat. They also attract more flies which can lead to a maggot infestation. Make sure you clean your pet’s cages out regularly through the summer.;

Fail to notice signs of heatstroke

It’s extremely important to be able to pick up on the signs of heatstroke. Knowing this information might just save your pet’s life. You should be able to tell as soon as they are getting uncomfortable in the heat.


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