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Light Dog Food - Tackling a Heavyweight Issue

I am going to be incredibly non-PC because I am in a rage!

My anger has been fuelled by my weekend visit to the local car boot sale. I wouldn’t normally wish to spend my Sunday morning in a field but I had a huge amount of unwanted miscellanea to dispose of.

Unfortunately my vast array of goods failed to spark a feeding frenzy. This should have come as no surprise as I didn’t want the stuff myself. There was no reason to suspect that anyone else would want it either. Having said that, it is truly amazing what people will buy at a car boot sale. I saw people invest in many weird and wonderful items. These included a hideous plastic sunflower arrangement and an enormous pink plush pony. My items largely remained on my stall.

People Watching

The long periods during which I experienced a distinct lack of sales activity led me to start people watching. After, all what else could I do? I simply couldn’t believe the number of incredibly obese people that were waddling their way around the field. It was a miracle that some of them were even modestly mobile. Then I started dog watching.

Dog Watching

They say that dogs start to look like their owners and I discovered that at least in one respect they often do. Many of the overweight people were accompanied by unbelievably fat dogs and it was this that raised my temperature a few degrees. It is all very well killing yourself slowly through over-eating and lack of exercise, by why inflict this atrocity on your dog?

The terrible weight problems were not restricted to particular breeds. I saw everything from hideously overweight spaniels to obese Labradors. These barrel shaped hounds had clearly been horribly overfed, under exercised or both. Have these people not heard of light dog food for heaven’s sake or moderation come to that?

Hulking Husky

The procession of portly pooches reminded me of a recent trip to a local park. I was there to exercise and was enjoying a brisk four mile jog when I caught up with a truly enormous husky. The gargantuan dog was at least twice its ideal weight. Huskies are my favourite breed and I found this dog rather disturbing.

Now I was sitting at a car boot sale and every other dog that walked past was overweight. I felt that I had missed a trick. Clearly, rather than selling old sports gear, clothing, shoes and home furnishings, I should have set up shop with light dog food. There was certainly no shortage of potential customers.

The question is, would these dog owners have been prepared to invest in my light dog food? Probably not but their dogs would have been only too happy with a change of diet, I am sure of that. Light dog food can be delicious and yet helps dogs to shed those unwanted pounds. The trouble is that no visitors to car boot sales seem inclined to spend more than 50p on anything. They have clearly run out of money because they are spending way too much on food to stuff their poor pets with!


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