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Lead Walking Products To Reduce Pulling

Training your dog to walk correctly on a lead can sometimes be a difficult challenge. It takes a lot of time and patience, loose lead walking isn’t something that just happens overnight. You need to go out walking with your dog every day and dedicate some time to training them not to pull. Dog trainers have lots of different ways of doing this, stopping as every time they pull, getting them to sit regularly and luring them to your side with a treat. It depends what your dog responds to and how quickly they progress.

It’s difficult when you have a very strong dog that is constantly pulling on the lead. Walking your dog can become very tiring and turn into a stressful experience. Dogs will sometimes pull so hard that they start to choke on their collars, which can be worrying. Thankfully, there are some helpful products you can buy to aid training and stop your dog from pulling.

Halti Headcollar

A Halti headcollar goes over your dog’s nose and takes the power away from their body. You control your dog by their head, which gives them a lot less power and puts you in control. They fit comfortably around your dog’s nose and reduce pulling. You will notice such a difference when you use a headcollar. It should be used as part of your dog’s training. You should aim to take the head collar off or use a harness instead when your dog starts to improve. To view our range of headcollars click here


Dog Harnesses are also a great product to help reduce pulling. They give you the control and allow you to direct where your dog wants to move. Dogs are controlled by their chest in a safe, comfortable harness. There are lots of different types of harnesses you can get, some with padding and some that are slightly different shapes.


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