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Latest Dog Food Trends Making Waves

It’s often said that having a pet is like raising a child, so it comes as no surprise that pet food trends often mirror their owner’s trends. Pet owners are paying more and more attention to their pet’s diet to ensure good health, with the market adapting to consumer demands. Here are some of the latest food trends making waves in 2018.

Home-delivered pet food

Home delivered pet food is a trend rising alongside home delivered groceries. The convenience it provides for owners is one of the key reasons it is on the rise. It allows people to quickly receive homemade quality food with only a few clicks. Plus, orders are usually customisable in terms of the ingredients, which gives customers peace of mind.

Targeted marketing

Pet food marketers are cashing in on the human trend for specialised foods. Increasingly, people want special additives that will cater to the nutritional needs of particular areas. You can buy specialised pet food for things like age, breed, weight, fur type and allergies. Often things like omega fatty acids, fruits, probiotics, and vegetables are added into these targeted mixes.

Ancestral diet

Similar to the human paleo diet, the canine ancestral diet aims to recreate what dogs ate before the advent of modern It’s seen as the gold standard for pet owners as it’s the most ‘natural’. Typically, this diet includes high levels of protein through raw meat and parts or whole animal carcasses. It also contains some fruits and vegetables, and low levels of carbohydrates. Many owners worry about feeding raw meat to their pets because of bacterial issues, but people only need to be careful with how they handle it.

Pet food personalisation

Parallel to the ancestral diet is personalisation of pet food. Many people enjoy preparing food for their pets at home and like to be able to control the ingredients that their pets eat. More companies are creating products that can be mixed with other pet food sources for maximum customisation, even sauces and flavours. Perhaps pet spices may become the newest ‘thing’ of 2018?

Insect proteins

As viable agricultural land is becoming more and more scarce, companies are looking at new sources of protein to include in human diets. It’s estimated there are some 10-quintillion species of insects in the world, which take up minimal space due to their tiny size.

This trend is becoming prevalent in human foods, and dog foods may soon follow. As of now, few brands offer insect proteins in their products, but it is likely this will begin to increase throughout 2018.

The pet food industry is a growing market, with trends and innovations continuously changing what we see on the shelves. The pet food trends usually reflect human food trends, and new trends are always expected to pop up year to year.

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