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Latest Adverts Featuring Dogs

We love television adverts where dogs get the leading role. Everyone enjoys watching a cute dog on TV and that’s why so many advertising managers choose to use man’s best friend in commercials. Here are some of our favourites at the moment.

Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waiting” | Budweiser

This ad has had 19,221,176 views on YouTube, making it a roaring success. It starts with a man bringing home a labrador puppy and shows snippets of their life together. This adorable lab seems to go everywhere with his owner. Then it shows the man leaving the dog at home and how sad he is that his owner has left him all alone. It then explains that some owners never make it home because they drink and drive. Quite a hard hitting message but an important one. Thankfully this doggy gets his owner back.

Volkswagen Woofwagen Dogs TV Advert

We couldn’t leave out the Volkswagen Woofwagen ad. No matter how many times we watch it we still love it! There’s something quite entertaining about watching a dog hang out a car window, and it’s nice to see all the different breeds.

In The Dog House, Subaru Dog Commercial

A Golden Retriever is driving his family around and stops at a zebra crossing. A stunning Poodle crosses the road and he just can’t keep his eyes off her. His doggy wife is less than impressed and growls at him while the pups play in the back.

Go Pro Chicken The Dog

Love French Bulldogs? This super cute French Bulldog shows that a Go Pro video camera is durable enough to be dragged around by a dog on a stick. It shows some pretty cool camera angles and emphasises the strength of the products. This dog looks like hes having a great time.

Mcvities Cookies Digestives Sweeet

What if you some cookies and puppies started emerging out of the packet? This quite odd adverts shows just how much we adore puppies. It’s for Mcvities new digestive cookies. The ad is a little cheesy but no one can resist the puppies. We think these puppies are Corgis, what do you think?

Seraquin Dog TV Advert Featuring Henna

This ad shows just how smart collies are and also how much energy they can have. See what this dog gets up to while is owner is out. He goes on an incredible adventure playing football, doing the 100 metre hurdles and going for a swim in a lake.

Churchill 80 Dance TV Ad 2014

OK so this advert doesn’t feature a real dog but we thought it still deserved a mention. The famous Churchill bulldog makes another appearance, this time with Dawn French.


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