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Large Dog Breeds Part 2

Following on from as promised here is second article on large dog breeds. Large dogs are not always the best choice for everyone, but they certainly are impressive. You are likely to notice some of the bigger dog breeds when you walk past them in the street. If you have a large dog yourself, are thinking of getting one or simply find large dogs interesting then read on to discover some more large dog breeds.


The Leonberger definitely deserves a place on the giant dog breed list. These large dogs are named after the city Leonberg in Germany. They were supposedly bred to mimic the lion in the town crest, to symbolically represent the city. They live to around 9 years of age and can reach heights of up to 80 centimetres. They weigh a hefty 68 kilograms. Leonberger’s are very striking in appearance, they have a black muzzle and sandy golden fur. They are muscular, athletic dogs with a thick double coat.

Dogue De Bordeaux

You can’t miss a Dogue De Bordeaux, they are very unusual looking dogs with very distinctive features. They have a particularly large head, a strong muscular body and a red, mahogany or fawn coloured coat. They also have bright brown eyes and and a short, smooth coat. Despite their massive size, these impressive dogs can be quite agile and athletic. They were originally bred for hunting and fighting, and were officially recognised by the Kennel Club in 1997. Dogue De Bordeaux’s need a huge amount of exercise to keep them stimulated and active.


The Mastiff is one of the heaviest dogs in the world, weighing up to a hefty 110 kilograms. Mastiffs were used by the Romans as fighting dogs, because of their fearsome size, appearance and strength. They almost became extinct after the second world war, but numbers have steadily increased since then. Today they tend to be bred as guard dogs, but they can also make excellent family pets. Males can reach up to 75 centimetres high and live for around 10 years. They are very intelligent dogs that have very strong natural guarding instincts.

Italian Spinone

Male Italian Spinone’s can grow up to 70 centimetres tall. For such a large breed they are very versatile, gentle and friendly dogs. They are fairly easy to train, making good working dogs as well as loyal family pets. They tend to be white with brown and orange patches. They have long floppy ears and a wire coat. They were bred as gun dogs and despite only fairly recently being introduced into the UK, they are becoming more popular as family pets. Even though they are large dogs they are easy going and lovely natured dogs.


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