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Large Dog Breeds Part 1

Some people love tiny dogs that they can carry around in their handbag, others adore larger breeds of dog. The giants of the dog world are truly fascinating and often stunning in appearance. They obviously require a lot more space, so if you have the room and you prefer larger breeds then perhaps a large dog breed is the right choice for you. Many of them are actually gentle giants despite their enormous appearance. Here is a little information about some of the biggest dog breeds. Read about more large dog breeds next month in part 2.

Perhaps the most famous of large dog breeds, the Great Dane is very well known. Males can grow to around 86 centimetres in height. These giants can dwarf many other animals, even horses! Great Danes are the perfect example of gentle giants and are very docile, loving dogs that make great pets for the right owner. They come in many different colours including white, fawn, blue and black.


Newfoundland’s are huge, powerful and noble dogs that definitely fall into the large dog breed category. They are fantastic swimmers and have a dense double coat. They come in black, brown and landseer colours and have an average height of around 71 centimetres. Newfoundland’s are bold and courageous and have a lovely temperament.


The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds of dog in the world. They can be anything from 71 to 90 centimetres in height. They were originally bred to hunt wolves and other larger mammals. Grey is the most popular colour for a Wolfhound but they also come in red, black, white, fawn or brindle. Irish Wolfhounds love people and are very friendly and gentle.

St Bernard

St Bernard’s can grow to between 65 to 90 centimetres tall, they are huge working dogs that were originally bred for rescue. They come in many different colours and are generally quite lively and active dogs that are good with people. They originate from Switzerland and Italy and have become known around the world because of their size and working abilities. St Bernard’s are very loyal dogs and make good pets but must be well trained from an early age because of their size.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dogs have distinctive colouring, black and tan with white markings. It comes from a group of four different Swiss working dogs. Bernese Mountain dogs enjoy being around their owners and are good with children. Even though they are a very large breed, they still like to be active and go on lots of walks. They love to be part of the family and are quite affectionate. Males can reach between 61 and 71 centimetres in height.


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