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Keeping Your Dog Under Control In The Local Dog Park

With dog laws getting even tough it’s important to make sure you always have your dog under control, and that includes at the local park. Here you will encounter lots of other dogs, dog owners and children. You need to be confident that if your dog is off the lead they will obey your commands, for their safety and others. Things don’t always go to plan at dog parks but more often than not it is due to the owner rather than the dog.

Be mindful of other people and play by the rules. This includes always picking up your dog’s mess and being considerate around other dog owners. Some local parks have specific rules such as not allowing dogs in certain areas or asking owners to keep their dogs on a lead. Find out what the rules are and stick to them.

If another dog is on a lead then do not allow your dog to run up, approach and hassle them. They may be on a lead for a reason and could be fearful of other dogs.

If your dog is playing with other dogs that’s fine, just make sure they don’t take their play sessions too far. If play gets a bit excessive and the other dog looks uncomfortable then end the play session. Too often dogs that are bullies are allowed to rule the dog park. Don’t allow your dog to act like a bully and overwhelm other dogs or they could cause a fight.

Avoid taking your dog to the local park every single day. There are often aggression problems at dog parks because some dogs think it is their territory. They go there every day and consequently they may become territorial. It’s a good idea to try and take your dog on a variety of dog walks as it is more fun and interesting for them.

If your dog likes to steal other dogs toys then you may want to keep them on a lead. This can cause problems in the dog park as some dogs won’t tolerate their toys being stolen. Make sure you can get your dog to drop the toy and give it back or put them on a lead.

Although it’s often called a ‘dog park’ that doesn’t mean it is a park just for dogs. If there are people in the park playing sports or relaxing then keep your dogs at an appropriate distance. People should be able to relax in their local park without being bombarded with dogs. Most people like dogs and probably won’t mind if your dog runs up to them, but some people will feel intimidated. Don’t allow your dog to jump up at people as they could end up knocking someone over or causing an injury. Plus some people don’t enjoy being jumped on by a dog.

Although you will probably end up chatting to other dog owners, always keep an eye on your dog. You need to check that they aren’t getting into trouble behind your back and keep an eye on their interactions with other dogs. If another dog is showing signs of aggression you may need to call your dog back. You just don’t know what could happen so make sure you are always supervising your dog.

Although you take your dog to the park to exercise them you may want to give them a bit of exercise even before they get to the park. If your dog hasn’t had much exercise and you unleash them at the dog park they could cause problems with their hyperactivity. Try walking them to the dog park instead of driving or playing some games before you go out.


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