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Keeping Your Cat At A Healthy Weight

Obesity is an ongoing problem with pets in the UK, and cats are no exception. Many cats in the UK are clinically overweight. It’s important to keep your cat at a healthy weight for a number of reasons. You may think they are happy and find it difficult not to give them loads of treats but the truth is you're probably shortening their lifespan. Just like with humans, cats that are overweight can develop a range of health problems including diabetes and joint issues.

Keeping your cat at the correct weight is completely under your control unless they have a medical condition. Keep an eye on them and make sure they are not gaining too much weight too quickly. The best thing you can do is provide your cat with a healthy diet.

Invest in some quality cat food that contains an appropriate amount of protein. Some of the cheaper brands tend to include more animal derivatives and cereal based ingredients that will only make your cat put on more weight.

>You can also help to keep your cat at a reasonable weight by being precise with the amount of food you give them. Don’t just try and guess how much they should have as you could end up giving them far more than they need. Read the manufacturer's guidelines on your choice of Cat Food and follow the instructions carefully

Your cat also needs to be active if they are to stay healthy. Play is a good way of getting your cat to burn some energy. It’s also important for their development and improving your bond. Spend time regularly playing with your cat with some of their toys. If your cat is an outdoor car then make sure they are able to get in and out easily, they will burn some energy exploring the local area. If you have an upstairs and downstairs in your home put your cat’s food and litter box in different part of the house. This will encourage them to walk around more, the more they go up and down the stairs the better.

If you are guilty of giving your cat too many treats then this is probably an area to focus on first. Cut down how many treats you give them to the bare minimum and make sure you are feeding them low fat treats. If you normally give your cat two large meals a day then feed them three or four smaller meals instead.

If you have the space, time and money you could also considering creating an indoor activity centre for your cat. If you don’t have much space or only have a small budget simply find a room in your house where you can put things you can can jump on and put down obstacles for them to move around.


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