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Keeping Track Of Runaway Dogs

Dogs running off or escaping is a constant worry for pet owners. Even dogs who have really good recall can occasionally get spooked or find a scent and run off. Sometimes owners and dogs simply lose each other on long walks. Unfortunately dogs can also be stolen by thieves, sometimes from their own back gardens.

The thought of losing your dog is terrifying, as a dog owner the last thing you want is your dog to get lost and have no way of finding them. Thankfully, there are a few ways of finding lost dogs. Here are some things you must have if you want your dog to be able to be identified and other options you might want to consider.


The best thing you can do as soon as you get a new dog is have them microchipped. Many places will do this for you for free, and rescue centres will offer it as part of the service they provide. If your dog doesn’t have a microchip, and somehow their identity tag gets lost then you have no way of finding them.

Microchipping is a safe and easy way of enabling your dog to be identified should they get lost. It’s definitely worth doing and having the peace of mind that if someone finds your dog they can have them scanned and contact you. It’s done by inserting a tiny chip under your dog’s skin, this chip has a unique code. When your dog is scanned the chip can be matched to your details.

Identity Tag

It is the law to have an identity tag on your dog. The Control Of Dogs Order 1992 states that ‘Every dog while on a public highway or place of public resort must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on it or a plate or badge attached to it.’ Your dog should have contact details inscribed on their tag so that if they are found they can be easily identified.

Dog GPS Tracking Collars

You can now get GPS tracking collars for your dog. If you are worried about your dog being stolen or they have a tendency to run off you might want to get one of these collars. They are not cheap, but they will help you track your dog and find out exactly where they are. It’s reassuring to know that if your dog escapes you can easily track them down. These collars can be programmed to monitor a specific area, so the moment your dog steps outside you will be sent an alert.


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