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Keeping poultry coops healthy

Keeping poultry can be very rewarding, but it does require care and attention. Sickness is a major issue in chickens and hens and if one gets ill the sickness can spread extremely quickly to the entire brood. Pet supplies can be bought to deal with some problems but there are many factors involved in keeping poultry healthy; however a healthy coop is one of the most important.

It is important that your coop is safe and secure and meets safety standards. Other animals are a danger to poultry, either because they attack them or pass on disease, so it is vital that no other animals are allowed in the coop or can accidentally get into the coop. Most people keep quite a number of chickens or hens and the larger the quantity in the brood, the more mess they are going to create.

Coops should be cleaned regularly and you should be on constant look out for droppings and mess. The design of the coop should be so that there are specific areas to catch droppings, which can then be easily removed for cleaning. The material used for the coop should not soak up water and harbour bacteria but needs to be easily washable and easy to clean. The coop should also have good ventilation so as to let air into the coop, but be cautious of parasites and put some form of pest control in place.


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