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Keeping Pets Safe On Halloween

Halloween is fun for humans but it isn’t always a good time for our pets. It tends to be a bit noisy and there are lots of potentially dangerous treats lying around. You need to keep any eye on your pets during Halloween. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe during the Halloween holiday.

Keep treats out of reach

Make sure you keep treats out of reach and away from your pets. Don’t be tempted to give them any sweets or Halloween food as it’s not made for pets. If you really want to spoil your pets at halloween buy them some specially made treats for pets. Chocolate is particularly dangerous for dogs and so is xylitol, a sugar free sweetener that is found in lots of sweets. It can cause liver failure and low blood pressure in dogs.

Keep pets away from the front door

It’s likely that you will get lots of different people knocking on your front door. Trick or treaters can be scary and threatening to pets. Most pets aren’t particularly relaxed around people dressed in strange halloween costumes so try and keep them away from the front door. This is especially important if you have any nervous or anxious pets.

Keep pets away from decorations

There are a few Halloween decorations that can cause problems for pets. Although Pumpkins aren’t poisonous to most pets, they can easily cause digestive issues. Glow sticks are poisonous if ingested so keep these well away from pets. Any decorations such as fairy lights and bunting can potentially be dangerous so make sure your pets are supervised at all times.

Take care with candles

People tend to light a lot of candles at Halloween. Be aware that pets can easily knock candles over and cause a fire. If you are going to light candles keep pets in a separate area.

Don’t put them in a costume if they don’t like it

It’s difficult to resist putting your pets in adorable Halloween outfits. However, if they don’t like it then do not force them to put on an outfit. Check the outfit for any loose bits of material or anything that your pet could chew or swallow.

Make sure they have an identity tag

It’s a good idea to check your pet has an identity tag before Halloween begins, this is particularly important for cats and dogs. Lots of pets get startled by noise at this time of year and are more likely to run off. Get them microchipped and check their identity tag, then if they run off they are more likely to be returned home safe.

Fireworks and noise

Be aware that some pets and animals can be quite frightened by fireworks and people continually knocking at the door. Keep an eye on them and try and make the feel as comfortable as possible. If your pet does get nervous try not to leave them at home on their own during Halloween.


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