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Keeping Ferrets as pets

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Ferrets are fun loving, energetic and sometimes mischievous creatures. Ferrets are becoming increasingly popular as pets. They are loveable and intelligent pets with individual personalities who make very good companions.

Ferrets spend between 15 to 18+ hours a day sleeping. They are usually most active at dusk and dawn. When they are fully awake they are very energetic creatures and as a result it is best to let them roam around your home. This is a lot better than keeping them caged, as they are very independent creatures who need room to exercise. It may be best to limit the number of rooms accessible to your ferret, due to the fact they can hide very well and you could spend hours looking for them. In addition it is a good idea to keep them away from valuable furniture and other value items, as they do like to nibble and chew things.

In terms of diet, ferrets are carnivores so therefore they require high quantities of protein in their diet, and this means that they will cost more to feed than other small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs. Due to the fact that ferrets actually digest food very quickly, they ideally need small, frequent meals with high levels of protein and oil. There are some very good dry complete ferret foods available to buy from top manufacturers like James Wellbeloved and Burgess. These products are designed to contain the correct levels of Macro and micro nutrients.

Ferrets, like cats and rabbits can actually be trained to use a litter box. However it can be quite difficult to train them because their instinct is to spread their waste. As a rule it is usually best to use a litter tray lined with newspaper or filled with cat litter. It is very important to regularly clean the litter tray; as if it becomes ‘too’ dirty your ferret might well stop using the litter tray.


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