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Jack Russell Goes Crazy At Crufts

If you thought the excitement at this year’s Crufts was a bit overwhelming, spare a thought for the Jack Russell who went a little wild during the seemingly all-too-much agility round.

The terrier named Olly left commentators howling after he appeared to defy any type of point-scoring goal; going crazy as he went round the obstacle course. Stopping off at various corners for a good old sniff, knocking down bits of apparatus as he went, running in the wrong direction and flying off certain contraptions with such intent, it looked as though he was genuinely going to take off. And let’s not forget the spectacular face plant. (Watch it in slow-motion to really witness the full effect).

The purpose of the agility course is for pooches to make their way around a set of obstacles, scoring points through accuracy of the tricks performed. There are quite a few of them to get their paws on so it does require some skill! They also receive points depending on the time it takes them to complete the course.

Olly, who was originally a rescue dog, is now re-homed and whilst he didn’t appear to have the scoreboard in mind when whizzing around, his handler, Helen can be praised for her determination, receiving raucous applause from commentators as she went, determinedly sticking with her crazy canine.

Whilst he may not have won any trophies, he did win the audience's heart. And with just over 9,500 YouTube views, if you haven’t seen it already, check out his hilarious performance here:

Now as serious as Crufts is for its competing canines, this isn’t the first time things have gone a little ‘off piste’ in the agility arena. In fact, there have been many perplexed pooches and moments of barking madness over the years. All of which may not necessarily add up to points for the pups, but they do add to the fun and excitement that is Crufts.

Back in 2012, the lovely cross-breed pup Libby set her first few paws on the course and made a great first impression, whizzing through tunnels and darting over hurdles, but this all changed when she decided she simply couldn’t wait any longer as the bathroom was quickly beckoning.

had the audience and commentators in stitches, as Libby decided that this was the ideal time to do her business, right there and then in the arena. Her trainer buried her patient head in her hands, as she waited for her panicky pal to finish before picking up her poo and carrying on. One of the commentators even had to provide a doggie bag. The shame!

As a case of history repeating itself, the time came for a dog to do its business once more. From one cheery trot a nervous case of the trots, it all got a bit too overwhelming for in 2015. His handler, 18 times exhibiting pro, handled the situation with the utmost professionalism. Well, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, right?


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