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Is This the Unluckiest Pet Owner in Britain?

Susan Smith’s pedigree cat Cleo was diagnosed with a condition which is extremely rare in felines. A luxating patella causes painful dislocations of the knee and requires costly surgery to correct. It is a genetic condition which Susan first noticed when she was grooming her Persian. There was a strange clicking noise in the cat’s leg which didn’t seem very promising!

Corrective Surgery

Cleo was diagnosed with a luxating patella by Susan’s vet and then underwent surgery to correct it and this proved to be successful. Susan believed that she had put her trials with a luxating patella behind her. But just a few months later, her 14-month-old cocker spaniel, Hugo, began displaying similar symptoms!

Strange Walk and Clicking

Susan, a mother of three, had noticed that Hugo was walking a little strangely and she could hear that familiar clicking sound again. He was exhibiting a hopping motion and seemed uncomfortable. Then, on a trip to the local park for a walk, Hugo’s legs completely gave way and Susan quickly found herself back at the vet’s.

The condition was very painful for poor Hugo because his kneecaps were slipping in and out as he walked. He was put on pain killers for a while to ease his discomfort but surgery was inevitable. Susan had found herself with a cat and a dog suffering from the same condition!

Surgery for Hugo

Hugo’s left rear leg eventually became so severely affected that the vet was forced to operate on it. Surgery to his right rear leg followed four months later. The poor pooch was a naturally active and gregarious dog but found himself confined to home in order to recuperate from his ordeal. He underwent hydrotherapy sessions but it was difficult to get him to rest when back at home, but Hugo was fixed!

Both Cleo and Hugo have recovered well are fit once more thanks to the skill of the vet. Both animals can lead normal lives, if there is anything normal about a boisterous cocker spaniel!

What is the Patella?

The patella aligns bones, tendons and muscles. It articulates with the femur (thigh bone) and covers and protects the anterior articular surface of the knee joint. A luxating patella is one which moves laterally out of position. The condition affects many mammals including humans and is common in young female athletes.

Discovering that one of your pets is suffering from a serious medical condition is upsetting enough. Finding that the other one is suffering from the same condition could make you the unluckiest pet owner in Britain. But perhaps you or someone you know has had even worse luck?


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