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Is Fido Your Spitting Image?

It’s strange to think that our furry friends might even look like us! But most dog owners choose a breed or dog temperament which they connect with – athletic types tend to choose energetic dogs which need lots of walking, fashionistas often choose handbag-sized Chihuahuas, and those of us that just like to snuggle on the sofa might opt for that classic chiller, the pug!

Similarities are often in character traits, as above – many a quirky owner has a kooky little pup at their side, their aesthetic side-kick. But what about when the similarities are purely physical? Can Jane really be the spitting image of ther Labrador? Can Akis really be taken for his poodle?

You might be tempted to think the answer is a definite NO – but one amazing photographer has gone out of his way to make an exhibition of just that – a physical comparison of human and dog portraits, where the pups look just like their human counterparts – and the results range from cute to completely comical!

Gerrard Gething is a photographer who has trawled owners and dogs for look-alikes. He collects 50 dogs and owners who share characteristics – be that hair style, or eyes, for example, and his pictures are being made into a card game, released this month!

Approaching his subjects to tell them they had a strong resemblance to a poodle must’ve been quite a task for the photographer, but he told the Guardian newspaper that:

“Without exception, people reacted positively. I always led my request with a compliment, particularly if it was to a total stranger … ‘I’m working on a photographic project and you have beautiful hair/ interesting teeth/a magnificent nose!’ I’ve been taking photographs for a long time so am well versed in administering dubious compliments.”

You’ve never seen evidence as persuasive as Gething’s body of works suggest! It’s been a poplar myth for a while, but however much we share characteristics, how can a human possibly look like a dog?!


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