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Inventive Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

As the weather begins to get a lot warmer dogs start to struggle in the heat. It’s important to keep your dog cool and prevent them from getting heat stroke. Dogs can get very hot very quickly and before you know it they can overheat and become dehydrated. There are some inventive things you can do to try and keep your dog as cool and as comfortable as possible in the heat. Here are a few creative ways to help cool your dog down.

Get them a paddling pool

Dogs love to dip their paws in a paddling pool in the summer. Get a kids paddling pool and fill it up with nice cool water. Your dog will probably sit in it for a while when they get really hot. It’s a great way of instantly cooling them down.

Create some shade in the garden

If your dog is spending a lot of time out in the garden make sure they have to shade to take shelter under. Then they will always have an area where they can go and lay away from the sun’s rays.

Cool them down with the hosepipe

If your dog isn’t scared of the hosepipe you could always cool them down by giving them a quick spritz. They might even enjoy running in and out of the cool water, some dogs like to try and have a refreshing drink and others enjoy a bit of playtime with the water. Getting the hosepipe out is a quick and easy way of cooling your dog down.

A mister

You can buy special misters that shoot cool mist out into the air. This is an ideal way of keeping your dog and your family cool and refreshed on particularly hot days.

Get them a cooling vest

Yes, these things do actually exist. You can purchase a vest that is specifically designed to keep your dog cool. The are comfortable, lightweight and some even have a supply of water for your dog.

Give them a brush

Don’t forget to brush your dog throughout the summer. Dogs with dense undercoats can get very hot if their coat is not brushed regularly. Brushing gets rid of the dead hair and enables some cool air to flow through the coat.

Splash them with water

If all else fails, you could always just splash your dog or pour some water over them to instantly cool them down.


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