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Interactive cat toys for the smartest of felines

No matter if you have a feisty kitten or a more mature feline, interactive toys are a fantastic way to keep your moggy active in both a physical and mental capacity!

Whether you choose to introduce a little pre-dinner playtime or think your kitty needs to put in a bit effort for his evening meal, here are 5 interactive Cat Toys designed to challenge even the smartest of cats...

Kong Cat Treat Ball

As a rewarding treat dispenser, this Kong game promotes healthy movement as well as some seriously pleasurable playtime for your kitty. Simply place your cat's favourite inside this and watch in amazement as they run, scamper and swat their impatient paws at this exciting ball of mystery!

If your pet has a tendency to overeat and needs more physical activity, this food dispensing game is a great way to control their intake and offer up some healthy movement. No matter if your four-legged friend enjoys life indoors or out, this is a fun, interactive cat toy that provides active moments when your kitty needs it. This ball of treats will be sure to keep your cat amused and entertained at any time of the day.

All For Paws Interactives Cat Culbuto Feather

If you’ve noticed your cat slacking a little in the exercise department or they’ve been feeling a bit more stressed out than usual, this All for Paws Interactives Cat Culbuto could be just the thing they need. This interactive toy rotates an enticing feather around constantly for the ultimate in cat teasing. So not only will it push your cat to work out more, but it’s also a great, interactive toy for their mind.

The end result is stress reduction, meaning you’ll be left with a happy and healthy kitty at the end of some stimulating playtime. For twice the amount of fun, you can even activate the toy from a distance and provide your puss with a little surprise each time they walk on by.

Catit Sense Play Circuit

Because cats senses are so unique, the way in which they interpret the world around them is vastly different to the ways in which us humans do. That's where this challenging Catit Sense comes into play. The eye-catching patterned ball will attract your cat’s attention whilst the peek-a-boo track is designed for your cat to chase and swat the ball.

Engaging, exciting and eager to please, this play circuit is developed entirely from a cat’s point of view, making it a smart feline’s dream and will definitely get your kitty’s brain going. Designed to appeal to each and every one of your cat's clever senses, with an interactive game this engaging, your clever furball will be coming back for their fix time and time again.

Catit Play Tumbler Bee

Want to reward your cat’s hard work with a tasty treat? Look no further than the Catit Play . Fun by name and fun by nature. This enticing interactive cat toy shoots out laser beams as it spins around, sending your cat into a spin of its own!

Simply insert your cat’s favourite treat straight into The Tumbler Bee and watch as it drops them out to reward your kitty after some interactive playtime. As well as encouraging your four-legged furball to play, it helps to slow down their food intake. Win win.


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