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Insuring your pet

Both dogs and cats are known to be very playful animals, especially when they're young. It's important for the animals to learn these social skills as it sets them up for life and enables them to interact well with humans.

However, because of their playful nature, it can sometimes get them in to trouble and they can find themselves in certain situations which could end up being hurtful. So in the event of your pet injuring itself or coming down with an illness, veterinary bills can be expensive. In these troubled economic times, it can be very stressful to find yourself needing to pay hundreds of pounds on giving your pet the treatment it needs to make a full recovery. Without any kind of pet insurance it would be very difficult to look after your pet and give it the help it needs, yet for a relatively small monthly fee you can take the worry away and know if anything happens to your pet the cost won't be a problem.

That is why pet insurance should be just as important as your own; it allows you to have the financial support to give your pets the care they need. It’s not just illness that your insurance covers, a lot of places offer cover to a wide range of situations. For example, if your pet goes missing the insurance will cover the advertisement costs, they may also cover for boarding fees, death benefit and holiday cancellations.

The price of your Pet Insurance can vary on a number of things from: your pet’s age, medical history, sex and breed, as well as the type of policy you take out. An older pet is likely to cost more than a younger one, and pedigree breed is also likely to cost more. Whatever you paid for your pet could have an impact too. Every insurance company is different and will offer different levels and types of cover so it's always important to check the small print and make sure this company is right for you and your pet. You could find you're limited on the insurance you can get because of certain factors such as age, conditions as a result of breeding, pre-existing medical conditions or hereditary conditions amongst other things. So make sure you know your pet’s history before you sign up.

Everyone wants to keep their ‘best friend’ happy and healthy well into their old age. Having pet insurance means that whatever happens to them, you can have that piece of mind knowing they'll be able to get the treatment they need in order for them to live a happy and healthy life.


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