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Inspiring Pets To Follow On Instagram

Authors, fund-raisers and… pie-faces? Meet 7 of the most inspirational four-legged stars, putting their best paw forward to offer hope and joy to thousands of adoring followers…

  1. @toastmeetsworld

Toast didn’t have the best start in life. She was rescued from a puppy mill but due to the poor conditions, her teeth had rotted so badly that they all had to be removed, leaving her with the floppiest of tongues, but not purpose!

Safe with her new humans, Toast is now on a mission to end the torment of fellow pooches born and raised in puppy mills, using the powerful hashtag #AdoptDontShop! It also helps that she’s pretty darn cute.

  1. @smileytheblindtherapydog

Smiley the golden retriever was born with oversized teeth and without eyes, having had these sewn shut to prevent infection. This means his face is in a state of constant happiness; making the name no coincidence.

Adopted by vet tech; Joanne George, Smiley spreads his cheer by visiting hospitals, nursing homes and schools as a therapy dog, leaving the people he works with in a much more sunny disposition. Love really is blind, eh.

  1. @marniethedog

From one long tongue to another, Marnie the Shih Tzu was found on the streets of Connecticut at the age of 10. Blind in one eye, foul-smelling and matted, rescuers moved her to a shelter where she assumed the identity of Stinky. No points for guessing why.

4 lonely months went by and then in a heart-warming rags to riches story, she was given a new lease of life, renamed Marnie after musician Marne Stern (obviously) and is now the most popular pup on Instagram #pawsome.

  1. @lilbunnysueroux

Is it a cat? A bunny? A marsupial?! No! It’s Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux or Roux to her friends.

Born without her two front legs and initially given up due to not being able to bury her business in her litter box, it broke her now-owner’s heart so much she snapped her up on the spot.

With 420,000 followers on Instagram, Roux might be short of two legs, but she’s not short of admiration, allowing her to soar (or hop) to great heights.

You go Roux.

  1. @iamlilbub

Lil Bub is a beacon of inspiration for those aspiring to be different, due to her status of ‘perma-kitten’. And no, this is not just due to her perma-cuteness. Lil Bub was born with an extreme case of dwarfism.

But great things really can come in tiny packages as not only is Lil Bub one of the most famous cats in the #instaworld but is a published author, cat show host extraordinaire and has helped to raise over $300,000 for American charity ‘Animals in need’. #inspo or what?

  1. @princessmonstertruck

As far as pet names go, this one is up there with the pretty weird, right?

Rescued from the mean streets of New York City, and into the arms of her owners in ‘bush-tumbling’ fashion, she’s turned fangs into #fans with her protruding lower jaw and recognisable howl.

Her owner’s now use her growing popularity to help rescue other shelter animals. Fangs alot Monster!

  1. @snoopybabe

As the name would suggest, this little Snoopy is indeed a babe. An exotic short-hair, this Chinese moggie is a true inspiration…. IN CUTENESS.

With a frown always upside down, Snoopy’s owner, Miss Ning, said it best when she pointed out her pets most adoring feature - her ‘pie face’.

With her own range of outfits, Snoopy provides hope for all those wannabe kitties trying to make in big in the world of #petstagram and hey, 190,000 Insta followers can’t be wrong.

Step aside Grumpy Cat, there’s a new generation of feline dominance in town.


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