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Innovative Toys For Cats

Want to find some fun and interesting toys to keep your cat occupied? There are plenty of innovative toys available for our feline friends. Cats need a certain amount of mental stimulation and there are lots of different toys that can help them get this. It’s important to provide your kitty with some toys to interactive with. Try a few different toys to see what sort of things your cat likes to play with. If you are stuck for ideas, here are 5 innovative products for cats.

1. Cat Play Tunnel

Cats love to play but they also like somewhere to hide and retreat when they want some quiet time. A cat play tunnel is perfect for this, because they can enjoy hours playing in the tunnel and also use it as a quiet space. You can get extra durable tunnels if your cat is quite active. Cats like the sound of the crinkly sides of the tunnel and exploring it will bring out their inquisitive side. You can also put other toys inside the tunnel to keep them entertained. Get the Ancol cat play tunnel here

2. Door Hangers

Many cats have a strong prey instinct and that’s why they enjoy playing with door hangers. Door hangers attach to the top of any door and suspend fun toys such as mice and feathers. Cats can spend hours batting the mouse around with their paws, and you can even get some that make a squeaking noise when the cat makes contact, enhancing their experience and mimicking the sound of real prey.

3. Triple Tier Cat Scratchers

This is one of the best products to get for your cat. Most cats will have some sort of scratchboard, why not spoil your cat and get them a triple tier cat scratcher? The three levels will keep your cat occupied and prevent them from scratching furniture. Scratchers also help to encourage natural behaviour. You can buy the triple tier catch scratcher here

4. Catnip Dispenser Toys

There are a wide range of Catnip dispenser Cat Toys that dispense catnip when they are squeezed, touched or pressed. This action rewards the cat and encourages them to continue playing. You can get different dispenser toys such as shoes, mice, bombs and dice.

5. Cat Laser Toy

This clever toy uses a laser to catch your pets attention. They will be fascinated with the little red dot that darts around the room. Your cat will try and pounce on the laser and chase it around your house, creating hours of fun exercise. You can change the speed and timing depending on how fast your cat’s reactions are.


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