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What Animal Would You Be?

Pet Image

Sometimes, when we look our pets in the eyes, we wonder what it would be like to live in their shoes. If you weren’t born a human, what animal would you be? Of all the pets we have, which ones have the best life? For example, would you rather be an independent cat or a fun loving dog? Here’s what it might be like to live life as some of our most popular pets…


Dogs get to do a lot of playing and a lot of sleeping. Their main pleasures in life are mealtimes, treats, dog walks and toys. They spend a lot of time with their family and are very loyal and protective. They also like being around people, and often prefer not to be left on their own. However, dogs are not very independent, they rely on humans for most things and are expected to do exactly as they are told.


Cats get to roam free and are extremely independent. They like to come home for warmth, food and sometimes attention but mostly they like to go out exploring. Cats adore chasing things, hunting and scratching their scratching post (and also furniture). Cats can be trained to a certain extent, but most of them come and go as they please.


Bunnies love munching on tasty food and gnawing away at things. Unless they are house rabbits, they spend most of their life in a rabbit hutch, with daily time in a run. They have a bond with humans but don’t always enjoy being handled and petted.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs lead a similar life to rabbits, but they tend to enjoy being handled a bit more. They like to get some exercise out in their pen, but are also happy to curl up in their hutch under some hay.


Ferrets generally live in a cage but they also sometimes get access to certain parts of the house. They are mischievous little creatives with big personalities. Ferrets also like to spend time playing with their toys and investigating things.

Which pet would you be and why? Other pets to choose from include Hamsters, Snakes, Lizards and Chinchillas.


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