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If You Could Be Any Dog Breed, What Would You Be?

Although all dogs are different, some breeds tend to have specific characteristics. Dog lovers sometimes find it fun to discuss if they were a dog, what breed would they be. People either pick their favourite dog breed, or select a breed of dog that best matches their personality. We want to know which dog breeds our customers would be. Feel free to comment below and let us know which dog breed you would be and why.

Dogs have been bred for very different jobs. So if you were a dog, you need to think about what sort of job you would like to do. Would you want to be a lapdog like a Chihuahua, a herding dog like a Border Collie, a guard dog such as a Doberman or a hunting dog such as a Pointer or Weimeraner.

Next you need to think about personality. What breed of dog is most like your personality. For example, Boxers are playful and a little crazy, Greyhounds tend to be quite laid back and Beagles are a bit cheeky and very inquisitive. There’s a dog breed to suit every type of personality.

Are you a really active person, or do you prefer a lazy day on the sofa? If you aren’t very active, perhaps you would be a dog breed that doesn’t need as much exercise.

Asking yourself the question, if you could be any dog breed, what would you be is also a good way of selecting the right dog breed. It’s helpful to pick a dog that suits your personality and temperament.


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