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I Am the Iams Cat - Literally!

Britain’s Got Talent can be relied upon to deliver great animal acts. It is one of the reasons that I always enjoy watching the show. Actually I found that I liked it so much that I wanted to attend the auditions. For the last two years I have been lucky enough to get tickets to the London auditions at the Dominion Theatre.

Loving Miss Wendy

Last year the talent on display at the session I attended wasn’t that brilliant. The highlight was French ventriloquist Marc Metral whose "puppet" was his adorable little dog Miss Wendy. The amazing talking dog wowed the entire audience in the theatre and then proved to be a big hit when the audition was broadcast on TV. It was a controversial moment, though, as it turned out that the dog was fitted with a false mouth. This sparked complaints of cruelty which rather took the gloss off things.

Doggie Stunt Doubles

Of course it was a dog act which was to go on to win the competition and create even more controversy. It turned out that Jules and Matisse was actually Jules, Matisse and a doggy double. Another dog, chase, performed the dramatic tightrope walking trick in the show. Viewers complained because they thought that they had been deceived. This was ridiculous considering that the act which came a narrow second was a magician! No deception there then!

Clever with Cubes

Anyway, in February I headed up to the Dominion again for another session of auditions. This year’s offering was much better and there were several acts that I really enjoyed. These included a Romanian contestant who did truly amazing things with his Rubik’s Cubes. Sadly there were no animal acts of any kind. I was sitting there waiting for the inevitable dog and it never appeared.

First Impression

Last week the 10th series Britain’s Got Talent began airing on TV. The first collection of auditions did include a dog and so I had obviously chosen the wrong session to attend! Trip Hazard was certainly adorable but it was another act which really got my attention. Impressionist Darren Altman delivered a great performance which had been skilfully put together. The impressions were polished and the script amusing. However, it was Altman’s chat with the judges that delivered the biggest surprise.

The Voice of Iams Cat Food

performed in any memorable ads. "I am an Iams Cat" he announced in a familiar voice. It was weird seeing the voice behind that slogan. It is a familiar one to me as I love the cats in the Iams cat food ads. My own cat also enjoys Iams cat food and so Iams ads are amongst those that I actually don’t mind interrupting my favourite programmes. I know it is silly to find this voice over thing so fascinating but I do! Wouldn’t it have been funny if an Iams advert had been scheduled to play that night? An opportunity missed methinks.


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