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Hyperactive Dog - How To Help Calm Them

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Most dogs get over-excited when their owners mention the word ‘walk’, and in some cases canines can over power companions on the leash. Not only can this hyperactivity be bad for your dog’s health, but it can have a severe effect on the relationship between pooch and owner. There is hope however, as companies like Time for Paws offer plenty of products to help calm dogs and ensure their well-being.Here are just a few examples of their effective products:

Adaptil Diffuser

Adaptil are a market-leading dog behaviour brand, helping to calm dogs with anxiety or stress with products like their diffusers. The Adaptil with Refill is a simple plug-in device to enhance the comfort of your dog throughout your home, using an appeasing pheromone. Covering an area of 50-70m2, the diffuser can last for up to a month before the need to top-up, and is recommended to be replaced after five refills. The calming system is suitable for both puppies and dogs, with scientifically proven evidence from over twenty studies.

Adaptil Collar

Similar to the diffuser system, have developed a collar that releases an appeasing pheromone to help calm hyperactive pets. Whether your pooch is inside, or outside whilst walking, the collar will continue to work and create diffusion – more effective levels are also seen when the collar is in close contact to the skin. This product is ideal for dogs that are travelling, training or prone to loud noises, and can be purchased in sizes to suit both smaller pooches and puppies as well as larger animals.

Dorwest Organic Valerian

If your dog is anxious, stressed or otherwise needs calming, Dorwest’s easy to apply liquid could be the ideal solution. The liquid is formulated from organic extracts of vervain, valerian root and mistletoe and conforms to the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia standards. In terms of measurements to apply to your dog, it is recommended that small dogs receive ¼ teaspoon, medium sized dogs are given ½ and larger canines can consume a full teaspoon of the medicine.

Dorwest Valerian Tablets

Likewise, dogs can receive their valerian supplements through the form of tablets, which are proven to calm dogs with phobias or nervous disorders. The tablets again contain extracts from valerian and mistletoe, with scullcap and gentian extract further included to ensure the relaxation of the animals without causing drowsiness or sedation. Improved levels of concentration following the consumption of the tablets can further make them ideal for long journeys, alongside sporting activities and even showing competitions. Be sure to purchase your tablets in the run up to fireworks events however, as the demand for these products significantly increasing during the season.

Grannick’s Spray

Grannick’s have developed a non-toxic deterrent spray to prevent hyperactive dogs from chewing on any given surface, including themselves. Their ‘ spray deters animals from licking, gnawing and chewing surfaces once the solution has been applied. Grannick’s product further stops pets from disturbing their own fur, or any unfortunate wounds or bandages, which also has helped veterinarians and groomers to control hyperactive dogs.


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