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Humanised Dog Food

Ridiculously over pampered pooches are a common sight on the streets of Hong Kong. Now the trend for humanising all things canine is growing rapidly in the UK. We all love to pamper our pooches but would you shell out £30 for your dog to eat in a restaurant? If you feel the need then head for Chelsea.

Pop-up restaurant Serves Dog Food with a Difference

A new pop-up restaurant has launched at the Bluebird Café in Chelsea. Here your dog can tuck into a delicious three course meal which could include such delicacies as venison sausages and peanut butter. As recent research suggest that 20% of British dog owners would cut back on their own meals before seeing their pets go short, this new restaurant could prove to be rather popular.

Doggy Ice Cream

The restaurant isn’t alone in offering humanised Dog Food. People are showing a growing need to serve their dogs with food which is remarkably similar to their own. The fast food chain Shake Shack has a dog menu to keep your pooch happy whilst you tuck in to one of their burgers. The Dogs Cake Bakery offer a variety of tantalising treats like extravagant canine birthday cakes. They have also created several varieties of ice cream including "Licker-Barker Glory" and "Wagnums"! They have plans to sell them from a refurbished ice cream van in the summer.

Doggy Donuts and Herbal Tea

Meanwhile Doggy Deli in Nottingham offers doggy donuts, biscuits and popcorn whilst Woof & Brew produce herbal tea bags for pooches. None of these treats come cheap and, of course, they are entirely unnecessary.


Given that the modern British human diet has done nothing for the nation’s health it is seems extraordinary that people would like to mirror it in the food they provide for their pets. We have an obesity epidemic, a huge rise in cases of diabetes and all sorts of other issues are doubtless lurking in the shadows.

Many of the special humanised treats on offer have been formulated specifically for canines and feature healthy ingredients. However, there is surely a huge risk of pets being over fed here. It is incredibly easy for dogs to become overweight. This is more likely to happen if they are fed three course meals with sausages and expensive birthday cakes.

Bad Habits

In addition to the danger of obesity it is never a good idea to acclimatise your pets to extravagant foods. You are likely to end up with a dog that won’t eat its healthy dog food and one which is only interested in treats and perhaps what is on your plate.

If you want your dog to enjoy a long and healthy life then stick to dog food. Your dog doesn’t care if its meals are is in sausage form, look like a donuts or are birthday cake shaped. If you feed only good dog food and are careful about the amounts you serve then your dog will not gain weight and will receive all the nutrients it needs. Your dog will be happy and so will your bank manager because you are more likely to remain solvent.


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