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How To Turn Your Dog Into An Dog Instagram Star

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Want to turn your pet into an Instagram star? The first thing to be aware of is there is a ridiculous amount of competition. Every other pet owner can’t help but post cute pictures of their pet on social media. Only a select few pets make it to superstardom and obtain thousands of followers. Here’s some tips and thing to bear in mind if you want to turn your pet into an Instagram king or queen.

Take quality pictures

One thing most popular pet accounts on Instagram have in common is high quality pictures. You need a good camera or a smartphone with a decent camera to take Instagram worthy pictures. No one is going to follow an account with poor quality pictures. Get some pet photography tips and learn how to take great pictures.

Capture the cuteness

One thing animal lovers can’t resist is cuteness. Think about what sort of pictures will look adorable and snap your pet when they are pulling cute faces. Baby animals such as kittens, puppies and bunnies always hit the mark when it comes to cuteness.

Use relevant hashtags

Make sure you use relevant hashtags when you post pictures of your pet. For example, for dogs use hashtags such as #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram and breed related hashtags such as #huskylove or #pug.

Get creative

Don’t just take pictures of your pet doing painfully mundane things. Try and get creative when it comes to your photos. For example, take your pet to interesting places, and capture them with props and toys.

Focus on their originality

The Instagram accounts that do well tend to feature a pet that has something different about them. Quirky looks and distinguishing features are really popular because they are different from everything else.

Tell a story

Try and tell a story with your Instagram page. Make sure your bio accurately describes your pet, and include any heartwarming information. Instagram users love a good story and will focus accounts that provide some sort of narrative. For example, do you have a rescue dog that has an amazing story? Tell the world about it.

Capture moments

Don’t force things to happen or get your pet to do something they clearly aren't interested in doing. Capture natural moments that occur without interference.

Post regularly

Post pictures regularly so that your followers have lots of lovely pictures to enjoy. You will lose followers if you don’t post regularly enough.

Don’t stress out your pet

Make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. It’s not worth stressing out your pet just to produce a good picture. Only take pictures if your pet is relaxed and at ease. You should create an Instagram account for your pet out of love and because you are proud of them, not to try and make money or show off how many followers you have.


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