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How To Teach Cheeky Dogs Some Manners

Is your dog absolutely wonderful, but has a cheeky side that comes out every now and then? Some dogs simply like to test the boundaries and to try their luck. Sometimes this can be quite entertaining, but most of the time it’s extremely annoying.

It’s likely that if you have a cheeky dog that’s getting away with being a bit naughty, you might have allowed them to act this way. So, if your dog has lost his manners, you need to work on how you interact with them, and also squeeze in some more training. Here’s how to teach your cheeky dog some manners…

Don’t let them get away with stuff

It’s hard to be strict with your dog when they are being all cute. But sometimes they use their cuteness to cover up naughty behaviour, and we fall for it. Don’t let your dog rule the roost, and restore some order. For example, don’t allow them to beg or pester you for food, demand when they get dinner and walkies, or play with things they shouldn’t.

It may be hilarious when your dog steals your pants or socks and runs around the house whilst you chase them, but this is naughty behaviour and you are only encouraging them to do the same thing again.

Try not to give them a reaction

Just like with children, if your dog acts out, try not to reinforce the behaviour by giving them a reaction. Laughing at your dog can make them think they are doing something good, so they will continue to behave in the same way. Us humans can often accidentally encourage naughty behaviour without even realising it.

Daily training

If you want your pooch to learn some manners, then you need to do some sort of training with them every day. Even if it’s just doing a few tricks or a bit of obedience before they get their dinner. This will not only help to improve their behaviour but it will also provide them with some much needed daily mental stimulation. Simply doing 20 minutes of training can really tire your dog out and help to calm them down a little.

Make them work for rewards

Cheeky dogs know how to get rewards without even asking. They are probably used to being spoiled and not having to do much other than flash a cheeky smile or puppy dog eyes to get a treat. Make your dog work hard for treats, toys and playtime. Get them to do a trick first so that they earn their reward.

Praise them for good behaviour

Shouting or yelling at your cheeky dog when they are naughty won’t help at all, in fact, it could make them worse. They may even engage in a shouting match with you by barking. Try and reward your dog whenever they are behaving nicely, so that they learn that cheeky behaviour doesn’t get them anywhere.


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