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How To Survive Muddy Dog Walks

Going on really muddy dog walks can be tough. You and your dog both get absolutely filthy and it’s difficult to stop dirt from spreading all over your home. You also need to take care on muddy walks and make sure your dog is washed properly when you get back. Here are some tips on how to survive muddy dog walks.

Wellies are a must

Don’t attempt to go on a really muddy dog walk without some wellies. Your shoes will end up getting soaked and being ruined by the mud. You might even lose a shoe! Wellies are a vital investment for regular dog walkers.

Wear old clothes

Don’t even think about wearing those new jeans you just bought. Any clothes you wear will get absolutely covered in mud. You may want to keep some old clothes to use purely for the muddiest of dog walks.

Get the towels ready

Before you head out get some towels ready. Unless you want mud and dirt all over your house, you will need to wipe your dog down with a If your dog is really wet you may want to dry them of with a dryer, do not leave your dog wet after a winter walk as they could catch a chill.

Wash your dog when you get home

Before you dry your dog off with a towel you may want to try and wash most of the mud off. Otherwise your dog may be dry but they will still be very dirty. Wash the mud off their underbelly, paws and legs. If they are really dirty you may want to wash them with some dog shampoo, is ideal for getting the mud and dirt off filthy dogs.

Avoid very deep mud

Avoid particularly muddy areas where the mud is very deep. You don’t know what objects might be under the mud and your dog could injur their paws/legs. You may also get stuck if the mud is too deep. Try and stick to the main footpaths where possible.

Walking nicely

When you are trying to walk through muddy ground the last thing you need is for your dog to be pulling on the lead. They could easily cause you to slip and fall over. Keep working on training your dog to walk nicely on the lead, in the meantime, use a or to help stop them pulling.

Smelling fresh

Wet, muddy dogs do not smell good. You may want to give them a spritz of doggy perfume when you return from your walk. Try refreshing spray.

Brush your dog

Dogs with longer coats tend to pick up a lot more dirty. This can cause their coat to get knotty and tangled. Make sure you give your dog a good when you get back from a muddy walk to prevent their coat from matting.


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