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How To Stop Your Muddy Dog Ruining Your House

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All dog owners know the feeling when they get back from a walk and their filthy dog runs inside and gets dirt everywhere. Sometimes over excited dogs will charge into the house before you can get them properly clean, or you aren’t prepared to clean them before you go in the house.

If you have a dog then you can’t expect to have a perfectly clean home, as dogs always find a way to make your house dirty. However, you can minimise the mess they make after muddy walks by doing some of the following things.

Hose your dog down before going inside

Make sure you hose your dog down after dog walks before you consider letting them anywhere near your house. This will get rid of most of the mud and dirt. If you don’t have a hose, fill a bucket or a watering with water ready for when you come back from your walk.

Have towels ready by the door

Have some towels ready by the door so that you can towel down your dog before they go inside. Give them a good rub with the towel making sure you dry their undercarriage, armpits, legs and feet. Hopefully the towel will absorb most of the mud and moisture so that your dog doesn’t make too much of a mess when they run inside and shake everywhere.

Use a dog runner to protect your carpets

You can get special dog runners that are placed in front of your door. When your dog runs inside with muddy paws, the runner absorbs the mud and water from their feet and helps to protect your carpet.

Give your dog a thorough wash as soon as you get inside

If you delay giving your dog a bath they will most likely shake mud everywhere and get it all over your furniture. You may think they are fairly clean after hosing them down but they will still have some dirt on them. Give them a good scrub in the bath and make sure you get rid of all the dirt and mud.



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