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How To Stop Your Dog Jumping Up

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Jumping up is a frustrating issue that many dog owners face. Although some owners may be OK with their dog jumping up, it can make some people feel uncomfortable. A dog jumping up at your can be quite intimidating, and some dogs can knock over kids and elderly people. When you have guests over you want your dog to wait patiently to be greeted, not jump up straight away. There isn’t an instant solution to this problem, it takes consistent training. Here are some helpful tips if you want to stop your dog from jumping up:

Don’t reinforce the behaviour

It’s so easy to reinforce jumping up. If you give your dog any attention whatsoever after they jump up then they will keep doing it. No matter how happy you are to see your dog do not let them jump up and reward them with attention.

The turn and ignore technique

When your dog jumps up simply turn away from them and completely ignore them. Don’t speak to them, look at them or pet them. If you do this every time they jump up they will soon learn that it doesn’t get them attention. Once they are calm and have stopped jumping up then you can reward them with some attention.

The sit technique

If your dog jumps up move away from them and ask them to sit. When they have all four paws on the floor and are sitting nicely you can give them a stroke or a pat. Keep doing this so that they learn that sitting down will get them the attention they want and jumping up means they get ignored.

Tell them no

When your dog jumps up you can always tell them no to tell them what they are doing is wrong. However this won’t get very quick results and it’s important not to shout at your dog as this will only make them more excited.

Stop over excited greetings

When you return home be careful not to be too over the top and feed your dogs excitement, as this will increase the chances of them jumping up. When you walk through your door wait a few moments before you say hello to your dog. Get them to sit and then greet them in a calm manner.

Set the rules

Tell everyone in your household the rules and what they should do when you your dog jumps up. You need to keep your consistent so it’s important everyone does the same thing. When you are out and about some strangers may say they don’t mind your dog jumping up. However if they encourage your dog this could undo your training. Explain to strangers that you are trying to teach your dog not to jump up. Practice when you go for dog walks, go over to new people so that your dog learns not to jump up at strangers.


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