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How To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Ill

Want to keep your pet healthy? All pets occasionally get ill and sometimes it just can’t be helped. However, there are some things you can do to prevent your pet from getting ill. Do the following things if you want your pet to stay as healthy as possible.

A healthy diet

If you want your pet to stay healthy one of the first things to look at is . Are their getting all the nutrients they need from their diet? If you buy a complete pet food it should contain everything they need to stay healthy. Make sure you are giving the correct amount of food each day by measuring out portions. Do not overfeed your pet as this can lead to a wide range of serious health issues.


Is your pet getting enough exercise? Exercise is important for them to keep active and stay fit and healthy. Ensure that they have enough space to exercise properly. If you own a dog then you need to ensure that they are being walked for a decent amount of time each day. Cats should be able to exercise by roaming or if they are a house cat they should have a big enough garden to exercise in. Small animals should have a big enough cage, pen or run and a secure area where they can exercise.


Check that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. For example, dogs should have all their vaccinations once a year to protect them from a range of illnesses. If you aren’t sure about what vaccinations your pet should have speak to your vet.

Keep them warm

If pets get too cold they can catch hypothermia and become very sick. Keep an eye on your pets to make sure they are warm enough, especially in the winter. Put their bed or cage in an area of the house that is warm enough with no drafts. If they live outdoors and the weather gets particularly cold you may need to cover their cage in blankets or provide them with more bedding.

Keep them dry

If your pet gets wet try and dry them off as soon as possible. When their fur is wet they can catch a chill which can make them ill. If they go outside in the rain or have a bath then make sure you dry them properly. This is particularly important when the weather is colder.


Parasites can also cause a wide variety of illnesses in pets. Cats and dogs should be treated for fleas on a regular basis. Check your pet for other parasites such as ticks and have them removed as soon as they are discovered.

Health checks

Perform regular health checks on your pet and keep an eye out for any injuries, lumps and bumps. Taking them for regular check ups at the vet can also catch any issues early and help to keep them healthy.


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