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How To Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable In The Car

Some dogs don’t particularly like travelling in the car. They might be fearful of car rides or get car sickness. If your dog isn’t a fan of car journeys there are things you can do to make riding in the car a bit more pleasant. Thankfully there are plenty of that can help. Here’s some tips on how to make your dog feel more comfortable in the car.


Bring a few of their toys with them to distract them and make them feel more at ease.

A blanket

Consider bringing their favourite Dog Beds which will remind them of home and make them feel more comfortable. It will smell like home and therefore might help them to feel a bit more relaxed.

Travel sickness tablets

If your dog suffers from travel sickness you may want to get some travel sickness tablets from your vet. First you need to figure out if the sickness is because of genuine travel sickness or they are feeling sick as a result of stress or a fear of travelling. A dog behaviourist will be able to help you figure this out.

Calming products

such as can help dogs that get very stressed during car journeys. They help to make them feel calmer and more at ease. They will help nervous dogs feel more comfortable on car journeys by helping them to relax. Other calming products that have a similar effect include , and . ,

Drive conservatively

One simple way you can help your dog is by driving with care. Don’t speed round corners or drive erratically as this could worry your dog and cause car sickness. Be considerate of your dog and drive carefully.

Do car ramps

Some older dogs and dogs with joint problems or injuries may struggle to get into a car on their own. If you have a medium or large dog then lifting them could cause you injury. Dog car ramps can help your dog get into the car easily.

Travel water bowl

Dogs should always have access to fresh water. Sometimes owners forget that they need water whilst travelling in the car, especially during warmer weather. An can provide them with fresh water during car journeys.

Car harness

Dogs should always be secured inside a car, a will keep them safe and make them feel secure.


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