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How to make sure your cat is a cool cat in the summer months

Summer is fast approaching us and with temperatures already soaring during spring, it is important to keep your cat cool as heatstroke can suddenly effect certain pets. Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, dribbling, or even collapsing. If your cat is showing any of theses signs make sure they are in a cool, dark, place with plenty of draft and phone your vet immediately.

Just as the case with humans, sun damage can also lead to skin cancer in cats, so it may be worth investing in some sun protection cream to apply on any exposed areas when your pet is outside soaking up the sun.

Fortunately though, the situation of your cat suffering in the summer is very avoidable as long as you are conscientious. It is important then to consider once the temperature does rise how best to make sure that your cat remains a cool cat, and Time for Paws is here to give you some useful tips as to how this can be ensured.

Open windows

Some of these tips really are the same things that we would think to do to keep ourselves cool, such as opening some windows and getting some fresh air flow in your home. The difference though of course here with cats is that curious ones may want to jump out the window which can be very dangerous indeed. That is why you should install tilt and tip windows or simply use some form of meshing over the windows.

Cool down their water

By dropping in a few ice cubes into your cat’s water bowl at the start of the day then their water will cool down as the ice cubes melt, thus ensuring that your cat cools down too.

Elevate their bed

By elevating their bed, the air flow below the bed should be able to keep them comfortable and cool in the warmer nights and therefore able to get a good sleep.

Set up a fan

If you set up a fan next to an open window perhaps or by your air conditioning unit then your cat will be very thankful for the cool gentle breeze, as I am sure you will be too!

Pet your cat with a wet cloth

By dampening a cloth with water and gently petting the fur, your cat will soon cool down, feeling relaxed and comfortable as they notice the cooling effect. This is essentially another form of what they would usually do by licking their own fur in fact.

Do not leave your cat in the car

This really is a golden rule at all times, not just when the temperatures soar. You should not do this even if you are only popping out for a minute, as it is extremely dangerous, and none more so than in the summer when the sun may start beating down.

Have morning and evening as playtime

By letting your cats out to play and roam about during these cooler parts of the day, you will lower the chances of your cats becoming exhausted, dehydrated and over-heated by tiring themselves out running about in the hottest points in the day.


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