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How To Make Dog Treats At Home

There are many benefits to making your own Dog Treats at home. If you don’t have the time to make treats you can always buy some healthy ones from us. If you do decide to make your own treats you can:

  • Make them with your dog’s favourite flavours
  • Be confident that you know exactly what ingredients have been used
  • Tailor them to your dog’s diet to help them gain/lose weight or get specific nutrients in their diet.
  • Get creative and have lots of fun making them

When making treats at home you need to think about your dog’s size. Make the right size treats so that the treats aren’t too big for their mouth. You also need to be careful how many homemade treats you give them. There is no label telling you how much they should have on a daily basis. Factor the number of treats you are giving them into their daily food allowance.

Make sure you don’t include any ingredients that could be harmful to dogs. There are foods that humans eat that dogs should stay clear of. For example, chocolate, dough, raisins, macadamia nuts and xylitol (a low calorie sweetener). Check the ingredients you want to use with your vet before making your dog treats. You also want to ensure the ingredients you are using are not high in fat, sugar or grains.

Making your own dog treats at home also means you can make something suitable for dogs that have special dietary requirements. If they have a sensitive tummy you can select ingredients that aid digestion. You know what ingredients have been used and can feel confident that your treats won’t set off any of your dog’s allergies.

You might have to test a few different flavours before creating a treat that your dog really loves. Some dogs are much fussier than others so you might have to try quite a few flavour combinations to get it right. Remember your don’t won’t have had treats like this before so try and introduce them slowly.

There are so many different types of dog treats you can make, from peanut and banana biscuits to bacon and liver treats and sweet potato bites. Avoid recipes that are high in salt, if a recipe says to add extra salt or sugar then don’t bother.

When making dog treats it’s handy to have some shape cutters so that you can cut your treats into bone designs. You can get these easily online on websites such as

Here are some websites with some great homemade dog recipe ideas to get you started:


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