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How to look after Ferrets

Ferrets may be quite small animals, but they are lively and playful so they do need a large area for them to play in.

They are a pet who can sometimes inflict a severe bite if they are unhappy. However they do like company and are playful companions.

Most people need to be aware of a ferrets needs before they decide to go ahead to have them as pets as they can be quite trying to look after.

I have listed a few details below of the requirements of a pet ferret:

They like dried food with a mix of raw or cooked meat. Meat on its own is not recommended as there are not enough vitamins in meat alone to keep a ferret healthy.

Water is essential and an online pet products service will show a variety of drip bottles for you to make a choice for your pet.

A shed or large hut with sections separated for different uses including a play area. The hut will need cleaning weekly with wood shavings scattered all over the floor, while the shavings should be topped up daily.

Pet products and pet foods websites can give you more information for your ferret for his own play area both inside and out. These pet supplies stores are a good place to find out more about the food which will keep your ferret fit and healthy.


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