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Dog Shedding: How To Live With A Dog That Moults a lot

Those of us who have long been gifted with the pleasure of living with a super hairy dog have developed coping strategies. Some dog breeds produce mountains of hair. They moult so much that failing to vacuum on a daily basis is an absolute disaster, their hairs constantly end up in our tea, and most days we leave home covered in so much hair we resemble a dog. The struggle is real.

After living with a dog that malts for a while, you kind of get used to it. Dog hair just becomes a big part of your life. But there are ways you can manage the situation and make living with a hairy pooch that bit easier. Plus, there are a few sneaky ways you can stop your dog shedding so much. Here’s how…

Vacuum regularly

If you don’t vacuum enough, you will get a massive buildup of hair, and it will constantly feel like you are living in a fur ball. With breeds like huskies, malamutes and German shepherds, you may have to vacuum every day. It’s also worth investing in a decent pet hair vacuum that will actually get rid of all the hair on your carpets.

Groom your dogs regularly

If you want to limit how much your dogs shed, then you need to groom them regularly. Stock up on a load of that will help keep dog hair under control. Brushing in particular gets rid of all the dead hairs, so they end up on your brush rather than all around your home. Deshedding tools can also help, as well as washing your dog regularly. Powerful dog hair blasters/dryers are great too, because they help remove dead and loose hairs.

Have hair/dog free zones

You may want to have certain areas of your home where the pooches aren’t allowed. This means you at least have a room or two that won’t get covered in dog hair. Although it’s tempting to let Fido on your bed for cuddles, this only leaves you with yet more hair in your life.

Feed them a healthy diet

Your dog’s diet can have an impact on how much they shed. Feed your dog awith plenty of protein. You can get dog foods that are specifically made for dogs with sensitive skin, or that contain beneficial ingredients for Fido’s coat. Foods like oily fish and olive oil can be great for your dog’s coat, as they contain omega-3 fatty acids and can help make your dog’s coat look and feel healthy. Oh, and make sure they are always adequately hydrated.

Collect your dog’s hair

If your home is covered in hair you may as well use it for something useful. When you brush your dog and end up with piles of hair, keep it and collect it over time. You can then turn Fido’s hair into your very own cosy jumper, there are a few different companies that can do this for you if you collect enough hair!


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